Don Watson’s latest

Don Watson's Bendable Learnings JacketOn the weekend I got hold of Don Watson’s new book, Bendable learnings – the wisdom of modern management. It’s full of management-speak samples from a large variety of public and private sector organisations. The examples are pricelessly funny and at the same time depressing. Language like “talent management is under the leadership and culture umbrella of the change roadmap” really does sap the joy out of life.

A woman I know – only in the online sense unfortunately, through a forum we belong to – submitted something she saw in a job description to Don’s weasel words website and it has made it into the book. It’s a cracker:

“Proactively influences and participates in strategic decision-making on issues when engaging with senior managers and staff to establish long term strategies to determine the future direction for the organization and their area of accountability.”  (pp125-26)

Unfortunately but unsurprisingly the industry I work in cops a serve. The technology sector and in particular the research firms have created and continue to peddle vast amounts of jargon and management speak. It’s got to the point where I think the ability to communicate what we offer in simple English would be a ‘true competitive differentiator’ 😉


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