Weasel Word Wednesday #8 – execute

Yes, off with his head!  Oh… you just mean “get stuff done”.

These days in business, “it’s all about execution”.  I noticed this one being used more during the recent global financial crisis. I think people panicked and realised they they’d better actually do something.  Simply having a “vision” and a “strategy” or even (god forbid) a “strategic plan” is not enough.  Apparently, you then have to “execute”, that is, actually do something.

I was reminded of this word by a quote in an article in The Australian this week from the CEO of German software maker SAP, Leo Apotheker. It’s a pearler:

“Our goal is to enable SAP to bring the right innovations and solutions to all of our customers in a much shorter timeframe. With these changes, we become more responsive to customer feedback, and can leverage collaboration and synergies across our organisation more effectively. They will enable us to expand our industry leadership and successfully execute against our strategy for sustainable growth,” Mr Apotheker said.

I’d better get back to executing then.


2 responses to “Weasel Word Wednesday #8 – execute

  1. Emma Jenkins

    I love reading Weasel Word Wednesday – how did we get so caught up in all this corporate speak? I have a weasel word suggestion – Synergy – this ones really winds me up.

  2. I’d rather have my head chopped off than do business with SAP.
    Is that what you mean?
    I’m off to synergize, its like boxercise but you stand to close to each other to throw effective punches -)

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