Weasel Word Wednesday #13 – catalyse

OK, I know… it’s Thursday. However this one is worth a short post.

My other half pointed out an article in an IT publication where a CEO speaking at a conference is reported as saying that:

CEOs then need to push technology group and business together – get out of project and build capabilities and catalyse change in relationship.

Apart from the fact that that sentence just does not make sense, and I’m hoping it’s a case of misquoting, it contains a bad case of turning a noun into a verb that just grates. Like ‘synergise” from ‘synergy’, which I’ve mentioned before.

** Disclaimer: I work for a competitor of the firm that this bloke who was quoted works for. I realise that my own company is just as good a source of corporate speak!


One response to “Weasel Word Wednesday #13 – catalyse

  1. The quote is incomprehensible without the ridiculous ‘catalyse’ word.

    Ie “get out of project and build capabilities”. Just what could that possibly mean?

    Is he saying he wants his company to get out of the project business but to start building capabilities. Or is “build capabilities” the second thing he wants to get out of?

    And given a catalyst is something that changes the rate of a reaction, he appears to be saying he wants to change the rate at which change occurs.

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