Weasel Word Wednesday #14 – game changer

I was surprised to receive the email newsletter from BRW magazine yesterday containing the following headline and lead:

Production technology a ‘game changer’

A revolutionary manufacturing technique ushers in a new era of mass customisation.

I’ve already devoted a WWW post to the word ‘revolutionary‘ so I won’t even start on that.

‘Game changers’ or ‘game changing’ is a phrase that has become so overused in business. It makes me want to ask the person saying it what the ‘game’ is that they are talking about. My gut feel is they don’t know, they just want to say ‘we’ll be doing things differently’ or ‘this is a really important new direction for our company’ without defining how or why.

Now I can see that in this BRW article, the ‘game changer’ reference is simply a quote of something that the executive said, but really, is such an overused cliche worth quoting?

In fact, the entire article reads a little like an advertisement, don’t you think?


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