Monthly Archives: September 2010

Weasel Word Wednesday #15 – rockstar

Years ago when I worked on Microsoft’s PR account, some of their software developers in Redmond were known as ‘rockstars’, which I thought was a little cringe-worthy. It meant that other developers thought they were pretty cool dudes, and when they got on stage to present some new whizz-bang piece of software there was a lot of whooping from the audience. Some even got standing ovations at Microsoft conferences. The company I work for has some technology analysts that some people refer to as ‘rockstars’ – they are the analysts who often present new, thought-provoking ideas and usually have lively presentation styles. But at least they don’t call themselves rockstars, at least within earshot! And no-one in Australia whoops. Maybe they do in the U.S.

Then today I read a little article about 13 Completely Ridiculous Tech Executive Titles and it gets worse – someone has called themselves ‘Chief Rockstar’! I’m sure many of these titles are tongue in cheek… no, actually I doubt it. I’ve heard some bad ones in Australia too, including a woman who used to work at Virgin Mobile with ‘PR Princess’ on her business card. Urgh.