Weasel Word Wednesday #17 – intimacy

There is nothing wrong with using the word ‘intimacy. In the right context. However, in the business world we increasingly hear about ‘customer intimacy’ which sounds kind of creepy to me. There’s understanding your customer and there’s… creepy. Maybe the term evolved when customer relationship management or CRM went out of favour after so many failed implementations of software that was meant to do this job instead of people. Or perhaps it was just invented to keep consultants in work.

Last week I jumped to the wrong conclusion when I spotted someone on LinkedIn calling themselves an ‘Intimacy Specialist’.  Guess what… their business was about actual intimacy, advising people on human relationships, love and sex. At least it reminded me of the other use of the word, the one I dislike. I must give credit for the image used above: it comes from a blog post titled: ‘A Customer Intimate Strategy Can Leverage A Co-Creation Process‘. I am not kidding. Take a look.


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